Making Connections with Starryteller

In reading this week we have been focusing on inferencing and making connections.  Inferencing is our big goal that we work on all year so we do maintenance quizzes.  When we make connections we can connect texts to our lives, texts to other texts, and texts to the wider world. My group made connections with the text “Starryteller”.  Here is Rafyel and I’s work :

ANZAC Quatrefoil.


Today we made ANZAC quadtrefoils first we made a draft then we made a real one like this.

I designed my quatrefoil to have crosses because it represents other soldiers that passed away.  I also put two New Zealand Flags.  I did two of everything because it needed to be symmetrical.

I chose to colour it in red as it was one of the colours we could choose from.

I did well at colouring it in because I put lots of effort into it.  I need to improve on filling in the whole paper and not leaving any white spots.

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